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Congressional Employees Federal Credit Union (CEFCU) is founded

On July 9, 1953, eight congressional employees formed the credit union that would later become Congressional Federal Credit Union. George Grant, Hayden S. Garber, W.E. Hackett, Arista Huber, Alphonse Lucas, Ralph A. Patterson, Lucille Spain, and R.B. Veil established CEFCU to provide quality financial services to Members of Congress, employees of the U.S. House of Representatives, and their families.


The credit union reaches $50,000 in assets


Assets exceed $100,000

October 1957 board meeting minutes


Membership reaches 1000 accounts

In its formative years, Congressional Federal is operated by a staff of one from the folding room of the Longworth House Office Building. Business hours are Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays, and paydays.

1959 Annual Meeting Invite
1959 annual meeting invitation
March 1959 board meeting minutes
March 1959 board meeting minutes


Annual Meetings

The credit union's growth can be tracked through annual reports from the 1960s, the first full decade of operation for CEFCU. 


1960 Annual Meeting Booklet Cover
1960 Annual Meeting booklet, front cover
1960 Annual Report, inside pages
1960 Annual Report, inside pages
1961 Annual Meeting Booklet
1961 Annual Meeting booklet
1961 Annual Meeting booklet, inside pages
1961 Annual Meeting booklet, inside pages
1963 Annual Meeting Booklet Cover
1963 Annual Meeting booklet cover
1963 Annual Meeting Booklet, Inside Pages
1963 Annual Meeting booklet, inside pages
1964 Annual Meeting Invitation
1964 Annual Meeting Invitation
1964 Annual Meeting Invitation (Back)
1964 Annual Meeting invitation (back)
1965 President's Report
1965 President's Report
1965 Treasurer-Manager Report
1965 Treasurer-Manager Report


Loans exceed shares for the first time

The September 1967 board meeting minutes contain a note at the bottom: "Our loans have exceeded our shares for the first time!!" With 132 loan applications disbursed for the month, "we have been busy." 

Congressman Wright Patman (D-TX 1) introduces the bill to establish the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), the country's first independent credit union agency.

Sep 1967 Minutes_Loans Exceed Shares


The credit union reaches $1 million in assets


"It's Nobody's Business but Yours"

A message on the back of the 1970 Annual Report reminds members that a credit union is literally your business: as a member of a cooperative, you are an owner and stakeholder. 

"When you become a member of your Credit Union you do more than just deposit money in a financial institution. In reality you are joining an organization of friends dedicated to the idea of self-help." 

Cover of the 1970 Annual Report
Cover of the 1970 Annual Report
Inside Pages of the 1970 Annual Report
Inside pages of the 1970 annual report
Back Cover of the 1970 Annual Report
Back cover of the 1970 annual report


"Credit Union Goes Mod"

The credit union converts from passbook to computer processing of share and loan accounts. Roll Call newspaper profiled the technological advancement in an article titled “Credit Union Goes Mod.”

An article features Harry Livingston, Bob Ogaard.


Membership grows to 5000 accounts

Early 1970s board meeting


Defining our mission

CEFCU's board of directors expands upon our mission statement to focus on helping people gain financial independence: “to provide basic financial services to all our members with special emphasis on the deliverance of services to those in our field of membership who may lack financial mobility.


Our name changes to honor Wright Patman, credit union champion; Assets reach $10 million

The Board renames CEFCU “Wright Patman Congressional Federal Credit Union” to honor the late Congressman. Representative Patman fought to advance the credit union movement and consumer rights throughout his long career of service in Congress.

We begin offering Share Draft Accounts.
The Longworth Branch is renovated.



The original Ford branch opens in Annex II 

To accommodate continuing growth, the credit union opens a new dedicated branch in Annex II, now known as the Ford House Office Building. Members of Congress participate in the ribbon cutting ceremony, voicing support for the credit union and its services. Attendees include NCUA Administrator C. Austin Montgomery and Congressmen Clifford Allen, Frank Annunzio, Fernand St. Germain, and Henry S. Reuss.

1977 Annex II Ceremony Invite
1977 Annex II Ceremony Invite
Representative St. Germain Speaks at the Annex II Opening
Representative St. Germain Speaks at the Annex II Opening. Board member Curtis Prins looks on.
Michael Flaherty with Jim Molloy and Rep. St. Germain
Board member Michael Flaherty speaks while Jim Molloy (left) looks on.
Bob Kelly, Ed Kellaher, and Rep. Annunzio
Rep. Annunzio speaks at the Annex II opening; board members Bob Kelly and Ed Kellaher look on.
Rep. St. Germain holds up a credit union t-shirt
Rep. St. Germain holds up a credit union t-shirt
1977 NCUA congratulatory letter to CFCU Manager Bob Hess
1977 NCUA letter congratulates Manager Bob Hess on the new Annex II location


6-month and 1-year share certificates are added to our portfolio


Membership reaches 15,000 members and assets surpass $25 million

WPCFCU opens the Rayburn Branch.


WPCFCU joins the ATM Cooperative

The CO-OP ATM network today provides members access to nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide.
The credit union expands its savings portfolio with IRA accounts and special savings accounts such as the Christmas Club and Vacation Club.



Celebrating our 30th Anniversary

The credit union joins Credit Union Mortgage Association (CUMA) and begins offering 1st Trust Loans.

30th Anniversary celebration


Ford Branch opens; Mortgage portfolio grows

The Ford Branch is opened in Annex II.
With the growing popularity of home renovations, the credit union creates a Home Improvement Loan. The board approves the offering of home equity lines of credit (HELOCs), first mortgages, and 15-year fixed mortgages through CUMA.


Assets pass $100 million


Congressional Federal purchases 10461 White Granite Drive

The credit union needed considerably more space for operations and staff as our member base and business needs expanded. In 1994, the board purchases the Oakton Center Building in Oakton, Virginia. The Board names it the James T. Molloy Building to honor Mr. Molloy's longtime service as an original board member.


Renovations and updates on the Hill

The credit union's offices are located in House Office Buildings on Capitol Hill up until the mid-1990s. At this time, our Rayburn and Longworth branches are renovated. 

Rayburn 1986
Rayburn 1986
Longworth Rate Signage
Longworth Rate Signage
Longworth teller line, 1990s
Before its renovation, the Longworth branch featured simulated windows behind the teller line.
Behind the Longworth branch teller line, 1990s
Behind the Longworth branch teller line, 1990s


Our first Online Banking service launches


The Oakton branch opens for business

The credit union joins the CO-OP Shared Branch network.



Wright Patman Scholarship Program established

The Board establishes the Wright Patman scholarship program for high school seniors in memory of Wright Patman and two of our original board members, Harry Livingston and Edward Kellaher.

To better serve our member base on Capitol Hill, the credit union five convenient ATM locations in the House office buildings.

Members use the Rayburn ATMs on April 1, 1999


The credit union prepares for Y2K

As “Y2K” becomes the prevailing topic of the times, the credit union focuses on readiness and member education. Members receive regular Y2K newsletters to keep them informed. A thorough external audit determines that all credit union critical systems are “Y2K ready.”

Control Room on Capitol Hill


The credit union celebrates President and CEO Robert Hess for 30 years of service

Left to right: President Harry Livingston, Treasurer Jack Odgaard, and Manager Robert Hess, 1971.

President Livingston, Treasurer Hack Osgard, & Manager Robert Hess; 1971.


Title sponsors for an important cause

WPCFCU begins sponsorship of the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run/5K Run-Walk and Capitol Hill Competition. Our Home Banking pilot is launched.

Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run/5K Run-Walk
1st cherry blossom color guard
Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run/5K Run-Walk
1st cherry blossom runners-2
Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run/5K Run-Walk
1st cherry blossom Winner
Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run/5K Run-Walk
1st cherry blossom


The Visa Platinum credit card program is introduced



Congressional Federal partners with Children's Miracle Day

The credit union establishes one of its most valued partnerships to support Children’s Miracle Network, which serves 1 in 10 children in North America. As title sponsors, we have helped donate $8 million dollars through this partnership. 



Oakton becomes a Shared Branch Service Center Outlet

The Board votes to designate the Oakton Branch as a Shared Branch Service Center outlet within the CO-OP Shared Branch network. This establishes Oakton as a hub for fellow credit union members to receive full-service transacting no matter which organization they belong to.


The BALANCE member education program debuts

The credit union raises over $515,000 for Children’s National Hospital Medical Center.


Assets surpass $500 million

The Board of Directors expands from seven to nine seats.


The Board shortens our name to Congressional Federal Credit Union


CFCU introduces the Transition Loan program

This program is developed to support the unique needs of our members during times of economic transition such as furloughs, job changes or retirement. 


Mobile Banking service introduced

The credit union adds student loan products 100% funded through Sallie Mae to its portfolio.

2011 email announcing new CFCU mobile banking
2011 email announcing new CFCU mobile banking


Congressional Federal celebrates its 60th anniversary

CFCU launches its successful in-house mortgage program.


Asset growth reaches $900 million


Milestones in convenient access

The CO-OP Shared Branch network overtakes Citibank and Bank of America branch networks in size. With over 5500 locations nationwide, it becomes one of the largest financial institution networks in the country.


Congressional Federal celebrates its 65th anniversary

Membership has grown to nearly 50,000 members worldwide. Assets exceed $970 million.

A digital display celebrating CFCU's 65th anniversary


Upgrading experience, preserving history

In 2019, we renovated our historic Capitol Building branch to open up space and provide more efficient processing. Room H-129 has 125 years of history in the Capitol Building, from a humble storeroom in 1874 to the office of the House Sergeant at Arms and finally a Congressional Federal Credit Union branch since 1994. Read more about the changes and our branch's unique Capitol Hill history.

Floor tile patterns in the Minton Tile catalog


CFCU reaches $1 billion in assets

In the first quarter of 2020, Congressional Federal Credit Union reaches $1 billion in assets. With this milestone, our organization now proudly serves nearly 47,000 members and ranks in the top five percent of U.S. credit unions based on asset size.