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Online Banking FAQs

Find answers to our most commonly answered questions concerning the following Online Banking features and services.


Direct Deposit

  • What account number do I give my payroll office to establish direct deposit?

  • When will my direct deposit post to my account?

Reserved Funds and Holds

  • Why can’t I access the $5.00 in my savings account?

  • Why is the balance different than my available funds?



Account Services

  • How can I save for my goals?

Account Changes

  • How do I change the name on my account?


  • Can I order checks online?

Credit Union Information


  • How is money released when using eDeposits?

Bill Pay

Working with Payees

  • How do I delete a payee from Bill Pay?

  • How do I add a payee as an electronic payee?

  • How do I modify the address of a payee?

Determining when money is debited

  • When will the money for a scheduled bill be debited from my account?

Sending money to another institution

  • How do I set up a bill pay transfer to another institution?

Working with Payments

  • How do I modify a pending payment?

Creating a payment inquiry

  • How do I research a payment made with bill pay?

  • How can I view a copy of the check sent through bill pay?

Stop payments in Bill Pay

  • How do I place a stop payment on a bill pay check?


Failed VISA payments

Setting up overdraft from VISA

  • Can I use my credit card for overdraft protection?

Traveling with your VISA


  • After applying for a loan online, what should I expect?

  • What are my options for making payments on my loans?

Tax Forms

  • Where can I access my 1099 Tax Form?

  • Where can I access my 1098 Tax Form?