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Congressional Kids

A Congressional Kids account teaches children 12 years of age and under to save and promotes sound money management skills that they can develop and carry into adulthood. It also encourages kids to:
  • Keep track of their money
  • Save through reward incentives
  • Set and achieve financial goals
Children will earn dividends on every dollar in their account. Plus, parents can transfer money into the account through Online Banking, Teller 24 and ATMs.

To open a Congressional Kids account: Complete the membership application and return to one of our branches, or submit using any of the methods listed at the bottom of the application:

Mail to P.O. Box 23267, Washington D.C. 20026-3267 | Fax to 703.934.8307  
Securely send documents to:

Each Congressional Kids account must be opened as a joint account with a parent or guardian. Annual percentage yield on Congressional Kids accounts is included on our rates page and is subject to change. Custodial and Regular Savings accounts are also available for children.