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Routing Number: 254074345

Transition Loans

Need assistance balancing your finances during a transition in your life? Turn to Congressional Federal. We're here to help you take control of your financial well-being with our convenient loan products.

Our Employment Transition Loan is designed for members who are transitioning from their current employer and have secured new employment or are still seeking new employment.

Our Retirement Transition Loan is designed for members who are retiring from their existing employer and have a current direct deposit relationship with Congressional Federal.

Congressional Federal Transition Assistance program offers other options to help you during life's transitions.

You can:
  • Refinance your existing loans, allowing up to 60 days to the first payment.*
  • Skip payment on existing loans.**
Call us at 800.491.2328 or stop by a branch to learn more about our loan programs. Important Reminders For Members Transitioning to a New Workplace or Place of Residence!!
  1. Contact us to let us know if you change your primary address.
  2. If you have a direct deposit relationship with Congressional Federal or are making automatic payments on loans through your Congressional Federal checking or savings account, make sure you provide your account number and our routing number (254074345) to your new payroll office.***
Personal and Debt Consolidation Rates & Terms
Reserve Line of Credit Rates & Terms
Share Secured Loans Rates & Terms

*Interest will begin accruing at time of loan disbursement.

**Member must be in good standing. Interest continues to accrue and your loan may be extended. The skip-a-payment option is not available on all loans. Contact us for details.

***For more information about direct deposits, please see the "Direct Deposit" section of the Online Banking FAQs