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Upgrading Experience, Preserving History

Congressional Federal is committed to improving and expanding services for our members. As part of that commitment, we’re building you a better branch while staying true to the historic significance of the Capitol Building.

When the Capitol Branch of Congressional Federal Credit Union opened in 1994, most people in the workforce still received printed paychecks. Members would line up at this branch for our tellers to cash their checks after every payday. Now, twenty five years later, we are remodeling the Capitol Branch to meet the needs of our membership in a faster-paced world.

What’s changing?

  • Removing a teller station to open up more space
  • More efficiently processing transactions with a cash recycler 
  • Adding national news and C-SPAN coverage so you can keep an eye on the House Floor while conducting your transactions

The History of Room H-129

Room H-129 has a long and special history thanks to its home in the U.S. Capitol Building.

1874-1888: House Storeroom

1889-1906: Clerk’s Document Room

1906-1920: Janitor’s Office

1921-1987: Office for House Restaurant

1987-1994: House Sergeant at Arms

1994-Present: Congressional Federal Credit Union

Room H-129 is part of the Capitol’s House extension, which was designed by architect Thomas U. Walter in 1851-1853 and constructed under the supervision of Montgomery C. Meigs, captain of the Corps of Engineers, from 1853 to 1859. Walter designed these spaces to be both elegant and fireproof after the Library of Congress in the Capitol burned in 1851. Even the cast-iron door "dressings" are fireproof decorations. Richly patterned Minton tile floors, among the most striking elements of the Capitol extension, can be found in H-129. Walter chose the tiles for their bold Victorian elegance and exceptional durability. The 2019 renovation will expose and restore the original tile floors.