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Bill Pay FAQs

  • How will I get to the upgraded service?

  • What is the most significant change being made to Bill Pay?

  • What is Popmoney®?

  • Will my funds be delivered on time if sent by check?

  • How can I use Bill Pay with multiple account access?

  • Some of my friends and family bank outside the Congressional Federal "network". What will this mean for them?

  • Will my existing contacts and scheduled bill payments automatically be transferred over?

  • How secure is Popmoney®?

  • How fast can I send and receive money with Popmoney®?

  • Are there any fees?

  • How can I find my payment history?

  • How do I print or export my payment history?

  • How can I add a payee?

  • How can I edit a payee?

  • How can I enroll in Bill Pay for the first time?

  • How can I view a check?

  • Why might Bill Pay not be loading?

  • Is Bill Pay supported on my mobile device?

  • Whom do I call for help?!

  • Why was my payment sent as a check to my bill payee?